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With the option to use any payment platform or device, GoCart™ makes buying and selling easier for both your clients and their customers.

With convenience and security top of mind, consumers are gravitating to digital payments and channels for the majority of their spending.

  • Online shopping is in

    Driven by Gen Z, online shopping increased
    15% in the first half of 2021

    Gen Z 18%
    Millennials 15%
    Gen X 14%
    Boomers 13%
  • Consumers are embracing alternative
    payment methods4

    Debit Card 21%
    Credit Card 21%
    Digital Wallet 30%
    Buy Now Pay Later 2%
  • Digital wallets are hot

    49% have used a digital wallet to
    make a purchase online1

    Gen Z


    Gen X


  • 20% started using one amid
    COVID-19 restrictions1

    Gen Z


    Gen X


Use of digital wallets for e-commerce transactionsgrew 24% from 2019-2021.

Consumers are prioritizing payment safety,
speed and convenience

  • 63%

    of all consumers rate safety as their top concern when shopping online

  • 56%

    say speed is extremely important

  • 54%

    rate convenience as extremely important

Millennials lead the way in mobile and digital payments46% make payments with their mobile or digital wallet2

Other generations are following suit2

  • of Gen Z make payments with their mobile or digital wallet

  • of Gen X make payments with their mobile or digital wallet

  • of Baby Boomers make payments with their mobile or digital wallet

Text payments are appealing,
especially to younger consumers

  • of customers want to pay by text message

  • of buyers under the age of 35 pay with a text if available

73% of businesses agree that accepting new
payments types is important to their survival

Sources: National Restaurant Association; ZIon & ZIon; Business of Apps; QSR; TechCrunch.


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