Frequently Asked Questions

About Go Cart

What is GoCart?

GoCart is a payment experience that simplifies and speeds up the checkout process. We securely store credit card and other payment information so that you can pay anywhere, easily.

How does GoCart work?

GoCart recognizes you by your email wherever you are. It automatically launches and sends you a one-time code. You can pay and go without needing to remember a password or your credit card info.

Where can I use goCart

You can use GoCart at restaurants, online and brick-and-mortar retail stores, healthcare and personal services, with more joining every day! Pay online, by email, even by text and more to come. However GoCart is only available in the U.S. right now.

Payment Details

What payment methods do you support?

We accept all popular payment methods: American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and more to come.

What does it cost customers to check out using GoCart?

Absolutely nothing. GoCart adds no transaction fee, membership fee, currency conversion fee or any other fee. If it looks like your purchase using GoCart incurred a fee, please contact our customer support team over live chat or email at support@gocartpay.com.

What does it cost merchants to let customers pay using GoCart?

For the first year, GoCart has no additional costs* after your regular processing fees! After that, we charge a monthly SaaS fee based on your business size: $1000/per month for larger merchants and $25/month for small merchants.

*Offer applies to FIS processing clients for a limited time. No implementation fees, no SaaS fees, no monthly fees.

Account Management

How can I sign up for GoCart?

You can sign up when checking out at a business that uses GoCart. GoCart prompts you to sign up and confirm with a one-time passcode. When you enter your payment and account info, we’ll keep it securely stored so there’s no need to add it twice!

How can I unenroll from GoCart?

You can cancel at any time here.

How can I edit my account?

You can edit shipping, billing and payment details during the checkout process.If you have additional questions, just reach out to our customer support team by live chat or email at support@gocartpay.com


How is my information stored?

Your payment details are tokenized and safely stored by a leading payment processor—the same system that’s trusted by thousands of banks globally. We safeguard your credit or debit card information so you don’t have to expose your information to more risk by sharing it with other online vendors.

How do you resolve disputes and fraud?

All transactions are monitored. If you suspect fraud, please contact your bank or credit card provider and let them know you need to cancel your card. Once that card is cancelled, it will no longer be active on GoCart. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact our customer support team at support@gocartpay.com.

How often do you update the security features?

Constantly! Our engineers work tirelessly to keep your GoCart experience as secure as Fort Knox. We take your security seriously, and are always up to date with our PCI certification.

Promotion and Tracking

Can you help me confirm and track all of my online purchases?

You’ll still get your shipping and tracking information from the merchant. We simplify the process to check out on their site, while they handle the rest.

Will GoCart send me emails when the stores I shop from are offering sales, promotions and discounts?

No. You’ll want to sign up for updates about promotions directly from the merchant. We’re here to make your checkout experience easier.

Is customer service run by robots?

No way. Our customer service team is ready to help you on our live chat or by email at support@gocartpay.com