Takeout is Tops,
But Restaurants Need
Technology to Compete

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US consumers love the ease and convenience of ordering food through third party apps, but third-party meal-ordering apps can eat into restaurants’ profits.

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  • Consumers are taking their meals to go

    60%of US consumers
    order restaurant
    delivery or takeout
    at least once a week

  • Carryout has become even more
    popular since the pandemic

    68% are more likely to purchase restaurant
    carryout than before COVID-19

    Gen Z 63%
    Millennials 73%
    Gen X 68%
    Baby Boomers 67%
  • 53% of US adults say it’s essential
    to how they live now

    Gen Z 54%
    Millennials 64%
    Gen X 57%
    Baby Boomers 43%
  • Meal-ordering apps are on the rise

    49% have used a digital wallet to
    make a purchase online1

    Usage in the US grew
    in the last 6 years68%

  • And younger generations are the biggest users

    63%of consumers age
    18-29 have used a
    meal-ordering app

  • But restaurants lose out on fees

    Restaurants pay
    an average

    commission for third-party
    meal-ordering apps

With GoCart, take advantage of the rise in restaurant carryout and consumers’ preference for digital convenience with technology that won’t hurt your bottom line.

Sources: National Restaurant Association; ZIon & ZIon; Business of Apps; QSR; TechCrunch.


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